Sep 19, 2023

| Trusted Objects announces tops plug&go second generation with enhanced performances for secure programming at factory

Trusted Objects, an expert in cybersecurity technologies for embedded systems and manufacturing, is proud to announce the second generation of tops plug&go, the product that brings security, automation and efficiency to electronic devices programming at factory.

AIX EN PROVENCE, FRANCE, September 19, 2023 - tops plug&go is a secure solution developed by Trusted Objects to enable in house secure programming and personalization of electronic devices by manufacturers under the control of device developers. 

tops plug&go first generation has been developed to protect OEM’s assets such as OEM’s firmware, during transit and at any stage of the programming process. It is a production tool based on a secure computer developed by Trusted Objects and connected to a factory programmer which ensures a full and secure control of software programming. Deployed for more than two years now, tops plug&go transforms any electronics manufacturer into a secure programming and personalization center, anywhere in the world. 

The electronics manufacturing industry is evolving fast, with new standards and new security requirements that may create challenges for OEMs at manufacturing level. 

For instance, the Matter standard, which is now adopted for smart home applications, enforces strong security requirements at device and factory levels, requiring manufacturers to operate a PKI infrastructure, to generate and inject a unique digital certificate at manufacturing stage. Also, new standards emerge, such as OPC-UA standard used for Industry 4.0 applications, or OEM preparing to be compliant with the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) that will shift IoT security liability to the manufacturer.

Trusted Objects is introducing tops plug&go V2, which is able to connect to any certified PKI platform enabling secure generation and secure injection of a unique factory certificate compliant with standards. Factory certificate provisioning is the corner stone of security requirement defined in most standards.

Another standard-independent and generic security challenge in production, is the aggregation and the security of all data to be programed, data coming from multiple locations: ERP, firmware server, etc… tops plug&go V2 allows the aggregation of all these data in one secure tool directly connected with the programming engine or test bench. tops plug&go V2 is able to integrate data coming from various platforms through secure connections, to accept different input files and to encrypt all data before programming.

tops plug&go V2 is already deployed by Trusted Objects partners for large- and small-scale projects for customers in the home automation and other areas. 

Jean-Pierre Delesse, COO and cofounder of Trusted Objects, declares: “With tops plug&go V2 we provide an always better answer to the needs of OEMs and manufacturers alike. They are now able to benefit from the efficiency and security of our solution in connection with any PKI from the market."

In addition, for OEM using manual or semi-manual programing systems from silicon vendors, tops plug&go V2 is also supplied with a new production software, tops client, allowing to automate and secure these in-house manual programming systems.


About Trusted Objects

Trusted Objects is a leading independent player in cybersecurity technologies for embedded systems and cloud device management platforms. Trusted Objects provides innovative solutions including secure software and secure operations to dramatically enhance the whole security chain, from edge device to cloud. Thanks to its longstanding expertise, Trusted Objects designs products and solutions that change the game, with a focus on ease of integration and user-friendliness, while complying with the latest standards in terms of security.

Trusted Objects to-security products and services for constrained devices are positioned to create trust all along the value chain including edge devices, networks, clouds and manufacturing. 



Hervé ROCHE, VP Marketing, Trusted Objects