Matter is the converging standard for Smart Home automation enabling interoperability, simplicity and security between smart home devices and platforms. The Matter specification 1.0 has been released in November 2022 by the Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA), the Foundation for Connected Things.

Matter security compliance requirements include the operation of a PKI infrastructure and the provisioning of secrets and certificates at device level during manufacturing.

Both could be challenging for smart home devices manufacturers wishing to start a new project without hardware secure element in the device or attempting to reuse an existing design for Matter, without including proper security components.


Trusted Objects offer

Trusted Objects partners with PKI leaders to provide a fully integrated solution to build a private PKI and a Matter-compliant factory secure provisioning, up to the device’s microcontroller.

For IoT manufacturers wishing to produce Matter devices, Trusted Object’s local secure factory provisioning solution (tops) and software Root-of-Trust (to-protect) in combination with a PKI platform, allow:

  • Creation of a private and a highly scalable PKI

  • Generation of device factory certificate: Device Attestation Certificate (DAC)

  • Secure provisioning of certificates and keys at the device factory

  • Protection of certificates and keys inside device with a reliable embedded software root-of-trust


This integrated solution simplifies, automates and secures the Matter factory certificate (DAC) provisioning process at factory.

Trusted Objects ensures a full end-to-end security from the PKI platform up to the secure storage of private keys and certificates for any kind of MCU.

Have a look at our Matter motion graphics!