Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is seen as the next revolution; it will enhance productivity, efficiency, reduce cost and energy consumption. 

It is expected that 90% of the data will be generated by machines and connected devices by 2023. This revolution will lead us to reconsider the way stakeholders protect IoT devices and sensitive data.

Trusted Objects technologies are already deployed in Industry 4.0 applications. We create a strong security chain, from industrial sensors to application cloud, including in industries where security and confidentiality are mission-critical.

This has been achieved with the combination of to-protect (software SE) at the device level and with to-cloud at the device management platform level. A large number of security functions can be addressed thanks to these two products, including device security life cycle.

We also remove the burden of integrating security along the ecosystem, so companies can get the benefits of their IoT infrastructure without having to compromise between security and efficiency.

Industry 4.0