to-cloud is a set of security modules enabling services for IoT device management and for  Identity and Access Management platforms.

to-cloud provides:

  • Secure provisioning and authentication, remotely

  • Identities and certificates management

  • Security issues monitoring, attempted attacks and malware detection

  • Over-the-air (OTA) software deployments for updates, patches

  • IoT device onboarding/offboarding

Each security module can be operated as a micro-service through REST API.

All modules have been developed for scalability.

to-cloud combined with to-protect (software RoT) solves the issue of managing the life cycle of constrained devices in a secure way.


to-cloud benefits: 

  • Enhance IoT cloud platform with additional security services

  • Differentiate with higher grade of security

  • Take full advantage of security modules easily pluggable into current IoT platforms

  • Access to a much wider range of IoT devices with the combination to-cloud and to-protect