Unique and comprehensive solution from security integration up to security life cycle management

to-security provides a fully integrated approach for IoT systems protection at scale, divided in three major steps:



  • The protection at the edge device is reached with to-protect  and tops secure products.

  • to-protect secure software library is designed for generic MCU-based devices and enables critical security functions such as secure authentication, data transfer integrity and confidentiality, secure storage, secure boot and secure firmware update.

  • tops plug&go ensures credentials and firmware protection at the programming house and secures commissioning of the applicative server.



  • An embedded software stack at the edge enables detection of attacks attempts and malware.

  • Based on to-protect and a security agent, this software stack detects malware at boot and during firmware update, fault injection, device behavior anomalies and others.


Manage and update

  • to-cloud handles the IoT security lifecycle management operations in the cloud.

  • These operations include  credentials management (PKI – KMS), monitoring, anomalies detection and processing , secure firmware update, secure credentials update and security access policy.