to-protect is a family of lightweight secure libraries designed to protect devices and data against security attacks.

Having the same security functionalities as a Secure Element, it can be used as a software Root-of-Trust (RoT) for generic MCU-based devices:

  • Designed for devices with limited computing and communication capabilities.

  • Available in several product versions according to communication protocols.

  • Enable critical security functions: secure authentication, data transfer integrity and confidentiality, secure boot, secure storage and more.

  • Easy download into any generic MCU (ARM Cortex, RISC V…) without having to change the design of the IoT hardware platform. 


to-protect benefits: 

  • Easy security retrofit for devices already in the field through FUOTA mechanism (Firmware update over the air)

  • Prevention against logical and physical security attacks on IoT devices exposed to threats

  • Reduced code size, no impact on device performances

  • Easy to integrate into security management platforms

  • SESIP certified (Security Evaluation Standard for IoT platforms)

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to-protect an innovative secure software library to protect IP in embedded software and to enhance security in IoT applications. A cryptography and security expert shares his views on a LoRaWAN use case”