tops plug&go

tops plug&go product transforms any programming house into a secure programming and secure personalization center.

The product is based on a secure box connected to the programmer which ensures a full and secure control of the production.

  • Protect all sensitive data (application software, secrets) during the transit and during manufacturing operations, up to the programmable component

  • Generate and store securely in production,  keys and certificates with the box’s HSM (Hardware Security Module)

  • Enable secure keys injection in the component and secure provisioning of the application serverCompatible with most microcontrollers and most programming equipment

  • Easy integration into a production test bench and an automatic programming machine

  • Available in server configuration for multiple programming machines


tops plug&go benefits:

  • Automate and secure the interaction between OEM,ODM… and subcontractors

  • Simplify keys and certificates generation at production site

  • Protect software IP and credentials against illegal copies and cloning

  • Control the right number of programmed devices with a trusted batch report





"tops plug&go, which is part of Trusted Objects to-security offer, is a new set of services that brings security and efficiency at all stages of electronic devices manufacturing process."