IAM platform enhancement

A need for robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) dedicated to IoT


IoT is seen as a major opportunity for IT IAM players with billion of new identities to be managed.

The explosion of IoT technologies has significantly increased the sheer volume and complexity of interconnected devices, users, systems and platforms. It makes traditional IT IAM insufficient or even troublesome in some cases.

Trusted Objects has already developed  security technologies and IPs that fill the gap for IoT IAM.


For instance, to-security global solution integrated in an existing IAM platform enables security services such as:

  • Secure device provisioning and onboarding (secure factory)

  • Software Secure Element suitable for limited resources MCU (Microcontroller Unit) 

  • Secure MCU bootloader ( application authenticity and release checking) 

  • Malware protection 

  • Secure update mechanisms (application, credentials)

IAM platform enhancement


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