TOSF - Trusted Objects Secure Firmware

Trusted Objects Secure Firmware (TOSF) is a configurable secure firmware solution designed for Secure Element-based hardware implementation.


The Secure Element embedding TOSF is a tamper-resistant companion chip that handles the security functions and security protocols in the IoT device platform, such as:

  • Authentication,
  • Data transfer integrity and data transfer confidentiality,
  • Secure boot and secure firmware update,
  • Secure storage,
  • Intellectual Property protection,
  • Secure LoRaWAN, TLS/DTLS implementation.


TOSF security functions and secure protocols are based on powerful cryptography algorithms fully suited for the IoT applications security: ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) 256-bit key length, AES 128-bit & 256-bit, SHA256 …


TOSF is hardware-agnostic and can be ported on any secure element; it is currently qualified on two secure micro-controller hardware:


Trusted Objects can also tailor its firmware to specific needs, or develop specific firmware depending on customer specific requirements.