May 31, 2022

| Trusted Objects adds Crypto Quantique’s QuarkLink Platform to its Software Root-of-Trust for End-to-End IoT Device Security

Trusted Objects, an expert in cybersecurity technologies for embedded systems has partnered with Crypto Quantique, a specialist in quantum-driven cyber security for the internet of things (IoT), in which their combined technologies will deliver end-to-end security to customers designing networks of IoT devices. 

AIX EN PROVENCE, FRANCE, and LONDON, UK, May 31st, 2022 – Trusted Objects' software secure element, called to-protect, is a root-of-trust for generic microcontrollers (MCUs). Designed for use with IoT devices in which MCUs have limited computing and communication capabilities, it enables onboard generation of unique device identities and cryptographic keys, secure storage, and secure boot. It provides the foundation for device authentication and secure data transfer and supports a variety of communication protocols. Suitable for new and retrofit applications, the secure element is quickly and easily downloaded onto any generic MCU platform without hardware changes.

Crypto Quantique’s QuarkLink platform works seamlessly with to-protect to add secure provisioning, automated secure onboarding to on-premises or cloud platforms, security monitoring, and certificate and key renewal or revocation for to-protect customers and their end-users. Technology agnostic, QuarkLink enables thousands of IoT devices to be securely connected to servers through cryptographic APIs in a few minutes. This is achieved with a few keystrokes via the platform’s simple graphical user interface.

Crypto Quantique’s CEO, Dr. Shahram Mossayebi, observed, “With billions of IoT devices already deployed, many of them with little or no device-level security, the combination of a downloadable software root-of-trust and an easy-to-use, end-to-end security platform could prevent thousands of cyberattacks in the coming months and years. Such attacks are growing at an alarming rate and our partnership with Trusted Objects creates the most robust and most easily deployed defence against them.”

Hervé Roche, VP of Marketing at Trusted Objects, added, “We are always looking for ways to make IoT device security easier for our customers to implement. When we were introduced to QuarkLink, it was immediately obvious that combining it with to-protect would simplify and accelerate deployment security in connected embedded systems, both in new designs and legacy networks. Crypto Quantique’s technologies perfectly complement our own.”


About Crypto Quantique

Crypto Quantique has created the world’s most secure end-to-end IoT security platform encompassing both software and hardware. It has developed an independent IoT security platform - QuarkLink - that enables network operators to deploy and manage their IoT ecosystem security with ease. We have also developed QDID, a quantum-driven hardware root-of-trust that generates unique, unforgeable identities and cryptographic keys in silicon chips on demand. 

Crypto Quantique is based in London, UK, and was co-founded by Dr. Shahram Mossayebi (CEO), an expert in cryptosystems, and Dr. Patrick Camilleri (VP Research & Innovation), a semiconductor designer with significant experience in complex parallel computer systems.

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About Trusted Objects

Trusted Objects is a leading independent player in cybersecurity technologies for embedded systems and cloud device management platforms. Trusted Objects provides innovative solutions including secure software and secure operations to dramatically enhance the whole security chain, from edge device to cloud. Thanks to its longstanding expertise, Trusted Objects designs products and solutions that change the game, with a focus on ease of integration and user-friendliness, while complying with the latest standards in terms of security.

Trusted Objects to-security products and services for constrained devices are positioned to create trust all along the value chain including edge devices, networks, clouds and manufacturing.

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