Mar 8, 2022

| Trusted Objects joins Keyfactor technology partnership program

Trusted Objects, expert in cybersecurity technologies for embedded systems and cloud device management platforms, is joining Keyfactor technology partnership program to enable secure identity management for all industrial IoT devices. Keyfactor is a pioneer of PKI as-a-Service and leader in machine identity management.

AIX EN PROVENCE, FRANCE, March 8th, 2022 – Identity management of IoT devices is becoming an always more important requirement with the expansion of large fleets of connected devices. Keyfactor Control platform takes into account all aspects of identity management for IoT devices including automated provisioning of trusted certificates, authentication, certificate remote update and identity management at every step of the device lifecycle.

Thanks to the new partnership between Trusted Objects and Keyfactor, the platform can now be used in conjunction with Trusted Objects to-protect, the company' software Root of Trust solution for generic microcontrollers. This way, all projects dealing with IoT devices, including those with limited computing and communication capabilities, can benefit from an integrated identity management solution based on a secure root of trust and unique identity for each device.

Trusted Objects Root of Trust generates key pairs for each device in a secure manner. A CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is sent then processed by Keyfactor Control IoT Identity platform to generate and sign certificates for each device under management. As it provides secure storage and secure implementation of communication protocols, the Root of Trust will store the keys and establish a secure channel with the platform. Thanks to this Root of Trust, Keyfactor Control platform is able to complete a fully secure provisioning, providing end-to-end security from the Root-of-Trust to the Keyfactor Control platform. 

The interface between Trusted Objects to-protect Root of Trust and Keyfactor Control platform has been fully validated. This way, systems integrators are able to easily implement device identity management in their own applications.  Furthermore, they benefit from the security brought by Trusted Objects Root of Trust. The combined solution allows not only to generate certificates when connected devices are manufactured and put on the field, but also to update these certificates whenever necessary, according to customer policies.

Jean-Pierre Delesse, COO and cofounder of Trusted Objects, declares: “We are proud to join Keyfactor partnership program. This is another critical milestone of our journey to enable a strong secure identity for constrained connected devices. IoT security is getting much simpler and safer with a robust Root of Trust in software.”

Rodney Weaver, Sr. Business Development Manager at Keyfactor, adds: “Keyfactor customers looking for a hardware-agnostic Root of Trust can quickly integrate to-protect into their IoT device regardless of MCU choice. Partnering with Trusted Objects complements Keyfactor’s ongoing commitment to help solve the diverse and complicated security requirements of IoT device manufacturers across verticals. to-protect represents a straightforward and secure path to building a secure edge IoT device on generic MCU’s. Keyfactor customers now have more flexibility on MCU choices for their devices that leverage the Keyfactor PKI and Certificate Automation Platform.”  


About Trusted Objects

Trusted Objects is a leading independent player in cybersecurity technologies for embedded systems and cloud device management platforms. Trusted Objects provides innovative solutions including secure software and secure operations to dramatically enhance the whole security chain, from edge device to cloud. Thanks to its longstanding expertise, Trusted Objects designs products and solutions that change the game, with a focus on ease of integration and user-friendliness, while complying with the latest standards in terms of security.

Trusted Objects to-security products and services for constrained devices are positioned to create trust all along the value chain including edge devices, networks, clouds and manufacturing.


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About Keyfactor

Keyfactor is the machine and IoT identity platform for modern enterprises. The company helps security teams manage cryptography as critical infrastructure by simplifying PKI, automating certificate lifecycle management, and enabling crypto-agility at scale. Companies trust Keyfactor to secure every digital key and certificate for multi-cloud enterprises, DevOps, and embedded IoT security.  


Nina Korfias for Keyfactor