Nov 20, 2019

| Trusted Objects TO-Protect software libraries make security integration easier for Industrial IoT devices

Trusted Objects, expert in cybersecurity for the Industrial Internet of Things, is proud to announce TO-Protect, a set of software libraries enabling augmented security for IoT applications requiring higher protection against physical and logical attacks, independently of host MCU categories.

AIX EN PROVENCE, FRANCE, November 20, 2019 – While the deployment of the Industrial Internet of Things is accelerating, the need for end to end security, including at the edge device level, is more prevalent than ever. Developers, systems integrators, end users and more globally the whole Internet of Things ecosystem are looking for easy to integrate security solutions, and ultimately a robust chain of trust, from the edge device to the cloud.

Thanks to five years intensive R&D efforts in the field of IoT security, Trusted Objects can overcome the challenges of enhancing security without adding complexity or increasing time to market. TO-Protect is an easy-to-integrate set of libraries that run on generic MCUs (e.g. ARM Cortex, RISC-V) and provide a substantial resistance to logical and physical cyberattacks. 

With its limited code size and fast execution, TO-Protect provides a full set of security functions: cryptography operations, secure storage of keys and secure connectivity (secure implementation of standard protocols). TO-Protect can be used as the “root of trust” needed to build a whole chain of trust within the IoT ecosystem, ensuring that there is no weak element in the security chain.

TO-Protect offer includes a set of libraries covering a wide array of applications: 

·       TO-Protect LoRaWAN supports mutual authentication, payload integrity protection and confidentiality, keys and counters secure storage, and frame building for all devices using LoRaWAN protocol.

·       TO-Protect TLS/DTLS is a secure implementation of the full TLS/DTLS stack, supporting mutual authentication, secure session key establishment and encryption/decryption of messages. It stores certificates, keys and pre-shared keys in a secure manner, 

·       TO-Protect Secure Boot verifies the code authenticity and integrity, with digital signature verification at each start of the device. It stores keys and certificates securely,

·       TO-Protect S/W IP is dedicated to software IP protection against illegal copy, it brings code encryption and decryption, along with keys secure storage.

Sami Anbouba, CEO of Trusted Objects, declares: “With TO-Protect, Trusted Objects expands its offer beyond TOSF, our secure software platform for Secure Element, and TOPS, our solution for secure programming. More customers are looking for easy to integrate security solutions, and our security expertise is now available to a much wider audience”

TO-Protect is available under Technology Access License model (TAL) from Trusted Objects and Avnet. An evaluation kit is available free of charge under NDA.

Trusted Objects will be present during Trustech, held in Cannes, France, on November 26-28, 2019, and available to provide additional information about its security solutions. Feel free to give us a call to set up a meeting. 


About Trusted Objects

Trusted Objects is a leading independent player in the Secure IoT market, providing innovative solutions including software and embedded firmware, to dramatically enhance the security of connected devices. Trusted Objects solutions are fully optimized, certified and are positioned as the root of trust to meet the end to end security needs of the IoT.

Trusted Objects also delivers a set of services and systems including security assessment, personalization engine, keys and certificates management, fast prototyping to accelerate the deployment of comprehensive solutions that meet the highest security requirements.