Feb 22, 2018

| Trusted Objects delivers end-to-end security solution based on the DTLS protocol over NB-IoT networks

Trusted Objects, a security expert for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces its TO136 Secure Element is now implementing the DTLS protocol, delivering end-to-end security on NB-IoT connectivity.

AIX EN PROVENCE, FRANCE, February 22, 2018 – NB-IoT networks are designed to connect IoT edge devices, such as devices providing connection to enterprise or public networks, or to application cloud over long distances. According to the NB-IoT network architecture principles, an eUICC or eSIM handles the IoT edge device authentication over a network server.

Building upon its long-standing experience in providing high-end security to the IoT industry, Trusted Objects solution adds a new security layer that manages the payload encryption/decryption as well as the keys and certificates provisioning between the IoT devices and the application server.

The solution relies on Trusted Objects’ TO136 secure element, a unique low-power secure element in the market, which implements the UDP-DTLS protocol. The TO136 secure element brings a significantly faster data stream than the regular TCP-TLS protocol and battery life improvement.

Trusted Objects' DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security) stack on UDP combines the speed and lightweight characteristics of the UDP transport protocol with a high level of security equivalent to TLS. In addition, DTLS brings optimized capabilities in terms of packetization, ordering and retransmission.

Embedded into Trusted Objects’ TO136 Secure Element, the DTLS stack empowers easy-to-implement applicative security functions on IoT networks. The solution is therefore complementing the security functions brought by the eUICC or eSIM and creating a secure channel between edge devices and applications servers.

Sami Anbouba, CEO of Trusted Objects, declares: "Our hardware-based secure implementation of the DTLS protocol, specially optimized for the Internet of Things, brings developers a way to implement strong end-to-end security protocol over NB-IoT networks of sensors with limited resources.”


About Trusted Objects

Trusted Objects is a leading independent player in the Secure IoT market, providing innovative embedded firmware and services to dramatically enhance the security of connected devices.

The TO136 solution is a family of Secure Element (SE) fully optimized for battery-powered devices, certified and being the root of trust to meet the end-to-end security needs of the IoT.

Trusted Objects also delivers a set of services including security assessment, personalization engine, keys and certificates management, fast prototyping to accelerate the deployment of comprehensive solutions that meet the highest security requirements.


PR Trusted Objects delivers end-to-end security solution based on the DTLS protocol over NB-IoT networks