Software and IP protection

As the risk of security breaches is growing, it is no surprise that the management and protection of the software and IP have become major concerns for OEM executives.

A weak protection of software and IP may lead to security breaches. The average direct revenue loss per security breach is now exceeding US$ 4 million (according to IBM) on top of which come indirect damages such as company brand reputation, safety and services efficiency.

When referring to software and IP protection, the main vulnerabilities occur:

  • During the device manufacturing process,

  • On the off-the-shelf device,

  • During the software update.


Dedicated solutions have been developed by Trusted Objects for software and IP protection at device level taking into account the constraints of embedded systems and without compromising on security.

Trusted Objects provides a full set of security solutions ensuring a seamless protection all along the “chain of trust”, such as secure libraries (TO-Protect) based on cryptography and obfuscation techniques, which have proven to be efficient against reverse engineering and easy to implement.

Trusted Objects also delivers centralized solutions for secure programming (TOPS), made more user friendly, easy to implement and cost-efficient.

Software and IP protection