Secure boot and secure software update

Protecting developer’s software embedded into IoT devices is key for both end-to-end security of the IoT chain and the protection of developers’ Intellectual Property (IP). 

In order to run only authorized software and avoid any risk of malicious program, developers need to provide a mechanism that verifies both its authenticity and its integrity.

The first role of a secure bootloader is to ensure that the MCU will run a genuine software built by the authorized entity.

The second role of a secure bootloader during the product life cycle, is to guarantee the security of software updates. A Software Encryption Cloud Service will manage the encryption for each device or for a group of devices on demand. In a secure update process, the software is encrypted for a given IoT device and can only be decrypted and programmed on the right device, thanks to the secure bootloader.

Trusted Objects has developed secure boot solutions ensuring that the software is trusted and not modified either at manufacturing stage or during the whole product lifecycle.


At device level, these secure solutions are based on TOSF (Trusted Objects Secure Firmware for Secure Element) and on TO-Protect (Trusted Objects Secure Software Libraries for generic MCU).


Trusted Objects security experts will help you defining the appropriate secure boot and secure software update mechanisms for your use case and the MCU features and capabilities.