Secure Platform

Trusted Objects Secure Software Platform is designed to meet the security requirements of IoT applications: strong security, low power consumption, connectivity, easy integration and more. It has been developed in native language based on years of intensive R&D efforts and customer experience.

Trusted Objects Secure Software Platform enables different security functions such as authentication, data transfer integrity and data transfer confidentiality, secure storage, Intellectual Property protection, secure boot and secure firmware update.
It also comprises a set of secure connectivity stacks including LoRaWAN, Sigfox, TLS/DTLS that facilitate security integration in the IoT chain.
Based on this Secure Software Platform, two implementations are available:
  • TOSF: Trusted Objects Secure Firmware, which is a secure firmware solution for Secure Element,
  • TO-Protect: Trusted Objects Secure Software Libraries that run on a generic MCU.
The application programming interface (API) remains the same regardless of the implementation, making easy for developers to move from one implementation to another.