Trusted Objects software products are available under different licensing models: please see the relevant section below for information.



TOSF is embedded into a Secure Element AVNET TO136, which is an AVNET Product.

AVNET TO136 can be purchased directly from your local contact at AVNET.



TO-Protect Evaluation version

The evaluation version can be downloaded free of charge from this web site, after filling a customer contact form and after acceptation of the testing and evaluation agreement.

The testing and evaluation agreement is available on request.


TO-Protect Production version

The production version is for corporations which plan to integrate TO-Protect libraries into their appliances for production.

TO-Protect software libraries are available under a software license agreement, valid for one year and for a specific reference platform. It includes unlimited volume of production, royalty-free.



TOPS equipment (TOPS Server and TOPS Plug&Go) are supplied and supported by Trusted Objects.

Depending on the usage, a royalty-bearing software license agreement can be granted.

The licensing agreement is available on request.     


Secure Solutions and Services 

Trusted Objects experts are at your disposal to explore your specific requests with you and propose dedicated solutions to bring security to your IoT developments.


Do not hesitate to contact us.