Licensing model

Technology Access License model (TAL)

Trusted Objects’ secure software are available under a Technology Access License model (TAL). The TAL includes a free maintenance for the first year of licensing.

Avnet, our strategic partner, has been granted a sub-licensing agreement; it means that they can enter into a licensing agreement directly with end-users.



TOSF is embedded into a Secure Element TO136, which is an Avnet Product.
Avnet TO136 can be purchased directly from Avnet, there is no additional licensing fee to be paid by the end user.



TO-Protect libraries are available under two licensing models:
  1. TAL for evaluation is free of charge, and can be obtained after NDA,
  2. TAL for production. 
Depending on the volume, a fee per unit may be charged on top of the TAL licensing fee.



TOPS can be delivered under different models:
  • TAL for software
  • TAL for software and tools
  • TAL for software, tools and installation services