May 22, 2023
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Why Matter matters

Matter is all around us! No…. not just solids, liquids, and gas! Matter is the latest standard for smart home interoperability. 

The need for Matter arose from the incompatibility between various smart home products already on the field: smart door locks, light bulbs, thermostats, scales, heaters and other appliances, vacuum robots, cameras, etc. Not only these products belong to incompatible ecosystems from Apple, Amazon, Google, and others, but they even use different communication protocols (Zigbee, Thread, BLE, Wi-Fi, …) and security implementation is left to each device vendor.  

Matter is the new smart home standard that improves interoperability, security, and ease-of-use across a variety of devices provided by all smart home equipment vendors. Matter is defined by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which includes all leading players:, Infineon, Ikea, Amazon, STMicroelectronics, Apple, Google, NXP Semiconductors, Huawei, Assa Abloy, Somfy and many others…. 

Unlike many other standards, Matter takes into account security requirements from Day One. Matter products receive a certification, which guarantees interoperability and security. Under Matter standards, security is considered at both device level and factory level. The device is to be provisioned with certificates and keys enabling connection to the LAN and these certificates and keys must be protected against cyberattacks.  

To implement Matter security requirements, device vendors must choose a robust and reliable PKI infrastructure, define their product certification authority (PAI), and generate a DAC - Device Attestation Certificate – for each device. These DAC and PAI certificates must be injected securely in each device microcontroller and protected. 

Trusted Objects and Keyfactor have developed a new integrated solution allowing OEMs to easily integrate the Matter requirements by securely and easily managing devices identities enabling a straightforward secure connection with IoT cloud providers. The solution sets up the PKI, generates the DAC certificates and security inject them along with the keys in every device MCU. More information here

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