Feb 8, 2022

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Within the industrial sector, we are often observing that technology innovation and cybersecurity never match together. On one side, there is a persistent mindset that innovative technologies should not get priority because of cybersecurity concerns and lack of trust in security solutions. On the other side, cybersecurity is too often seen as a hurdle that will slow down the deployment of innovative products. So, as far as technology innovation is concerned, we may wonder if cybersecurity is the Good, the Bad or the Ugly?

Let’s take Industry 4.0 as an example; it has been announced as the next industrial revolution, driven by innovative technologies such as Edge Computing or Artificial Intelligence. However, adoption of these technologies is currently slowed down, security concern being the main reason according to several surveys.

Security solutions have been developed, evaluated and certified to protect industrial ecosystems including at the OT layer, with at least the same efficiency than legacy IT cybersecurity. An ecosystem with a temperature smart sensor sending data to a cloud server can be protected against cyberattacks using the same security features as banking smart cards: trusted identity & access management, PKI chain, HSM, TLS… Furthermore, it is now demonstrated that security solutions work for any embedded systems, even for those based on low-resource IoT devices.

Regardless whether you are convinced or not, it is time to register for the next Webtech organized by Pole SCS on February 22: Cybersecurity & IA for the Energy Sector: latest innovations?

By the end of the session, you will know that the Good wins!


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