Oct 23, 2019
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Secure or not secure?

According to a recent report issued by Kaspersky, 105 million attacks on IoT devices have been detected within the first six months of 2019. This figure is seven times more than the number found in H1/2018.

On the other hand, developers and vendors of IoT devices are increasingly saying that their products are secure, and we all witness a dramatic acceleration in the deployment of IoT devices.

So, secure or not secure? There is clearly a twisted understanding of IoT security among the public.

In fact, cyber security technologies are not efficient against cyberattackers if they are not properly implemented. For instance, using encryption technologies is often perceived as a guarantee of strong security. However, encryption may become useless if encryption keys can be easily guessed, attacked or discovered, especially if they are hardcoded.  

IoT ecosystems are complex and fragmented, security implementation can rapidly become a challenge, so a new approach is required.

A comprehensive and well understood IoT devices’ Chain of Trust is steadily gaining momentum. With a proper implementation of security at each stage of this Chain of Trust, the number of cyberattacks on IoT will decrease dramatically. And the answer to the question will be: “Yes! Secure!”

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