Feb 3, 2020
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Quousque tandem ...

More and more reports from ethical hackers are highlighting the vulnerabilities of IoT networks.

For instance, a team of well-known professional hackers have recently giving a talk on common vulnerabilities they found on one of the most used LPWAN, with useful recommendations how to overcome those vulnerabilities.

How many reports, alerts, conferences, white papers, IoT security bills…. will still be required until security supersedes time to market and cost in IoT developers’ priorities list?

Quousque tandem …

Low awareness, little security expertise or lack of standards are no longer good reasons to consider that security is not an integral part of the IoT discussion. Security solutions exist to build a robust chain of trust in IoT Ecosystem. The IoT security ecosystem has developed a wide array of security solutions to answer all requests, from basic to critical security level. Should you need more information, just ask Trusted Objects!

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