Feb 24, 2021
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IoT Security? Act now!

On February 16, 2021, IoT Analytics issued an interesting report  titled “The rise of the IoT semiconductor.” 

The whole security industry is delighted to read that this report positions “IoT security chipsets and modules” as one of the four key components driving IoT semiconductor. On the other hand, in the same report, we learn that according to Nokia’s “Threat Intelligence Report 2020”, the share of IoT infections increased by 100% in 2020 and IoT devices now make up 32.7% of the infected devices.

Even if things have been moving in the right direction for a few years, we are wondering about the level of adoption of security measures and on how to improve these results.

Is setting up a “hardware root-of-trust” something anyone can do? Are security functionalities (IoT Analytics report has listed 15 main security functionalities) easy to understand, to implement and to maintain? Are the security solutions presented in the report suited for all types of embedded hardware platform? 

It is definitely true and it has been demonstrated for years that the rise in threats for IoT devices requires security solutions. But simply saying it is not enough! Now, we need actions!

We, at Trusted Objects, think that IoT security adoption will grow only if IoT developers are able to find on the market the right products and services mix:

  • On one hand, adapted products to a given IoT use case and not a universal solution, often too generic to fulfill specific application requirements, 
  • On the other hand, adapted services to make security solutions implementation, upgrade and administration during the full life cycle, easier and faster.

Trusted Objects, an expert in digital security for embedded systems, designs security products that respond to market requirements. In addition, the company builds appropriate services to make security adoption seamless and fast.

Is IoT security adoption reaching the right level now? Maybe not today but directions for improvement are well-known… 

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