Nov 2, 2020

European industry recovery needs IP protection technology

Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services is preparing a new Industrial Strategy to strengthen industrial activities in Europe. Everyone welcomes this great initiative, although it looks challenging for manufacturing activities dominated by Asian countries. We believe that until we are able to manufacture our products safely in Europe, protecting the IP created in Europe must be a priority, especially software IP where Europe is creating value through innovation and leadership.

How can our start-ups, design houses and software developers efficiently protect their IP when manufacturing actually occurs far away from our frontiers? The legal arsenal is certainly not enough, and we should rely more on technologies. 

Europe has a worldwide leadership in the digital security technologies: we have invented smart card technology and it has been protecting our data for decades. Today, we could use the same technologies to protect our software IP against theft or manipulation during the manufacturing operations.

Trusted Objects security experts have been working for three years to develop TOPS Plug & Go, a new concept to protect software IP during the manufacturing process. Contact us before it is too late!

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