Feb 11, 2021

Doing nothing?

According to a recent report from IC Insights, programmable microcontrollers will be among the top 10 integrated circuits that will have the highest growth in 2021. Without doubt, the rise of IoT, Artificial Intelligence or automotive electronics are the greatest contributors of this growth.


The value of a system based on a programmable MCU lies in its embedded software. As microcontroller programming is often outsourced,  there are growing concerns about protecting the IP at the heart of the embedded software.

The patenting approach is less efficient or applicable and there is an increasing need to reconsider how to protect software IP.

Using digital security technologies is another means for software IP protection. They have been used for decades to protect privacy and data and are the best option to protect value added IP in embedded software. There are still some gaps: the solution must be easy to integrate, cost effective, agnostic and work in standalone mode. The last alternative is doing nothing… which hardly creates value! You can act now: www.trusted-objects.com/en-corporate/ip-protection.html

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