Mar 29, 2021
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Alarms systems are not enough!

Should you want to protect your valuables at home against theft, you would most likely consider a home security alarm system. The good thing is that whenever a thieve is entering your house while you are away, then you and your neighbors will be informed immediately! Likely not enough to feel totally safe….

Additionally, you could also ensure that the highest value items in the house cannot be easily removed and carried away.

Same concept could apply to protect software IP embedded in a microcontroller-based electronic device. Thanks to a unique combination of technologies, such as encryption, obfuscation, pairing with device hardware and secure libraries, then software IP cannot be easily extracted and dissociated from the hardware in which it is embedded. And even if the IP is extracted, it has no value unless it is decrypted, which is hardly impossible without the decryption key.

The good news is that the cost of such IP protection is much lower than the cost of a data breach or a legal patent protection.

Software IP protection with to-security, by Trusted Objects.  

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