Trusted Objects Secure Firmware (TOSF)

Trusted Objects Secure Firmware (TOSF) is a configurable secure firmware platform designed to meet the security requirements of IoT applications: security, power consumption, overhead, connectivity and more.
We have learned from years of customer experience and market expectations to create an optimized secure firmware in native language.

This secure firmware supports different security functions such as authentication, data transfer integrity and data transfer confidentiality,  secure storage, Intellectual Property protection , secure boot and secure firmware update.

The asymmetric cryptography is based on ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) 256-bit key length and has been developed in cooperation with industry experts and worldwide recognized labs.
TOSF is easily portable into a secure microcontroller, enabling a tamper-resistant and certifiable Secure Element solution.
Trusted Objects can also tailor its firmware to specific needs, or develop specific firmware depending on customer specific requirements.